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People at Allele have realized the importance of staying open when it comes to interacting with our customers, colleagues, contributors, and friends. Therefore, we will continue to open up more channels through network places such as FaceBook, Twitter, professional social networks, Wiki, blogs on google, yahoo. The purpose is for people who wants to know what’s going on at Allele will know, so that lab people can find new products in new fields, convenient equipment of much much lower costs; companies can find sub-licensing or outsourcing chances they would otherwise know exist; and any researchers and business people to exchange ideas with us in any way.

Of course, we welcome you whole-heartedly to post and discuss scientific ideas right here in our Blog/Forums. Feel free to ask questions about science behind our products, process of product development, test-run your idea, or simply throw stuff from your scientific mind to our wall and see what sticks. As a matter of fact, we worked on a number of products on suggestions by our customers and scientist friends through discussions over a drink or during intermission of a game.

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Elise Lamar
April 8, 2009

Hey allele–not sure what “alleles” are your specialty but I am a neuroscientist, science writer, and grant writer looking for freelance writing opps.

I have a day grant-writing job at City of Hope cancer hospital. If you need a freelance science/medical writer let me know. Elise

April 9, 2009

We are allelic to Qiagen and Life Tech on general lab reagents like miniprep kits, siRNA oligos, cells etc.; but to academic research groups on research in new areas such as RNAi and iPS. We do write grants and plans for the likes of NIH and HHMI and often get their funding and support to try something new. What are yours in term of research background and writing?

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