Allele Biotech’s Box Swap Program

Allele Biotech has a special, money saving offer for you if are located in any of the following San Diego zip codes:


Allele Biotech’s Box Swap Program will give you cash or credit for good condition styrofoam boxes that are greater than 9 x 9 x 9 inches. Our goal is to help eliminate waste while saving you money by reusing your accumulating, unwanted styrofoam boxes. If you are located in any of the previously mentioned zip codes, give us a call and we will come to your facility at remove the unwanted boxes at no charge!

We are encouraging all types of companies to take part in this endeavor. If you are a biotech company or a loyal Allele customer you may redeem your syrofoam for credit that can be applied toward any Allele Biotech order. If you are a company that has no need for biological research reagents then you may redeem your boxes for cash!

Everyone wins with Allele’s Box Swap Program. So free up some space, eliminate waste, and earn money all with just one phone call! 858-587-6645

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[…] news. There are companies out there who will buy your used styrofoam boxes, like Allele with its Box Swap Program, so at the very least that styrofoam box can be used a few more times eliminating the need […]

March 4, 2010

We heard stories that there are companies having standing orders of products shipped in styrofoam boxes every week. The boxes are left in the hall way, with dry ice still in them condensing water. The building management has to be drag, beg, or threat to get people to haul boxes to outside dumpsters because they are safety issues. Next time you hear or see something like that, and you are in San Diego not too far from La Jolla, give us a call, we don’t mind going every week to pick them up. 858-587-6645 Allele Biotech recycling program, manager Kalyn McCain.

May 26, 2010

Check out our announcements about environment-friendly programs and products at our Facebook fan page here!/pages/San-Diego-CA/Allele-Biotechnology-and-Pharmaceuticals-Inc/78331924957 for instant updates.

[…] environmentally friendly endeavors; our recycling program which we conduct at a cost to us, our Box Swap program designed to reuse and reduce the need for Styrofoam, and our packaging methods that emphasize […]

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