Take advantage of the brightest GFP for studying gene expression regulations

As most Allele’s customers and website visitors already know, mWasabi is the brightest green fluorescent protein. Unlike commonly used EGFP, mWasabi is a true monomer that does not have the tendency to associate with each other even at high concentrations. It has been validated as an efficient tag in more than 20 fusions located in different cellular compartments.

For studying factors that regulate mammalian gene expression, enzymes such luciferase and lacZ are traditionally used as reporters when operationally linked to promoters and enhancers. Fluorescent proteins are becoming more and more popular for such applications as instruments for reading fluorescence emitted from treated cells are becoming more available. Using fluorescent proteins as reporter eliminates the need for performing enzyme reactions with assay substrate kits. More importantly, fluorescence readings can be taken at any time point on LIVE cells.

Allele Biotech introduces to the market a set of gene expression reporter constructs based on mWasabi and its cyan relative mTFP1, as the new product of the week of 11/09/09 to 11/15/09. Choosing different versions within this vector group, promoters, enhancers, or DNA binding protein binding sites can be easily inserted and their effects of gene expression compared to those of controls.

Promotion of the week: Lentiviral particles expressing commonly used human cytokines at one-time discount.

News article in AlleleNews (to be published Thursday): Using GFP-tag in Immunoprecipitation to study DNA repair pathway factors.

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Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 Fluorescent proteins

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