10 Years of Allele Biotech

Facts about Allele’s 10 years in business:


New product lines added in 2009: iPS cells, Camelid Antibodies, DNA synthesis chemicals, Recombinant Proteins

Highlights: HiTiter Lentiviral Systems, Baculovirus for Mammalian Expression (BacMam), Feeder Cells, shRNA on Viral Vectors, shRNA Validation FP Vector, ProperFold Protein Folding Vector, Validated AllHPLC synthetic siRNA

New Service Groups in 2009: Viral Packaging, RNAi Validation/Screening, FP-based Assay Development


Since April, we have added at least one new product every week! We currently run one new promotion per week as well.

A bit of history–did you know that…

Allele Biotech obtained 5 NIH grants in its first three years since establishment. As a matter of fact, Allele Biotech was funded entirely by NIH grants

Allele filed its first patent application in its second year of operation, which was on DNA-driven RNAi and resulted in an outlicensing deal with Promega. As result of the applications, Allele has received 3 US patents on DNA-encoded shRNA, siRNA using promoters such as U6 and H1.

During the past 10 years, Allele was the first to sell U6-based RNAi vectors, the only supplier of bFGF-expressing feeder cells for iPSC, most likely a top 3 provider of baculovirus expression systems, camelid antibody products, iPS creating viral particles, and the most active commercial developer of fluorescent proteins.

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January 3, 2010

The holiday season is the perfect time to celebrate what everybody has achieved through the highs and lows of the year, and appreciate the opportunities we have had for putting in our best efforts. This year is a special one for us here at Allele; it is our 10th anniversary! We wanted to thank our friends, customers, colleagues, collaborators, and everyone in our community and industry for our shared ideal, struggle, and inspiration. Without your support, we would not be where we are today, as a strong and still fast growing “company of cutting-edge technologies’, as one of you kindly called us. To share our joy of being able to do what we are trained and love to do for the last 10 years with you, we will kick off gift giveaway programs and encourage you to see how all our products can help increase the efficiency of your research!
Learn more about how we are celebrating our 10th years:

1) Allele Rewards Program

2) Allele 10th Anniversary Oligo Giveaway

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