GFP-Trap Referral Program

This week we are starting a GFP-Trap referral program. Tell your colleagues about GFP-Trap (or RFP-Trap) and for every two who order you will receive 0.5ml of GFP-trap for free. For more details about this offer visit our promotions page. GFP-Trap is a high quality, single domain GFP-binding protein coupled to a monovalent matrix for biochemical studies (Pulldown, Immunoprecipitation, Co-IP, Western Blot, Mass spec or ChIP) of your fluorescent fusion proteins and their interacting partners. GFP-Trap works with GFP, eGFP, eYFP or Venus (any jellyfish/Aequora victoria derived fluorescent proteins) and GFP-tagged fusion proteins.

We also now have samples of GFP-Trap, RFP-Trap, GFP-multiTrap, and both GFP and RFP-booster for evaluation. To request a sample give us a call at 800-991-7624, or email

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