Opportunities for business with Allele Biotech

Allele Biotech is known for staying on the edge of biological research fronts when it comes to developing new technologies into useful tools. Our research also has far-reaching implications and potential applications outside of the traditional biomedical research reagent field. Some of these technologies were the results of researchers interacting with the Allele scientific team, who wanted Allele to help realize their potentials. If you are interested in investing, co-developing, or trading in our areas of expertise, please email us at oligo@allelebiotech.com.

1) A novel method of discriminating and/or detecting mismatched polynucleotide populations in a sample, or determining the relative abundance of the species contained in the sample based on the changes in the relative ratios following a critical treatment. This technology, subject of a current patent application, can provide great benefits in polynucleotide-based diagnosis.

2) A technology on how to utilize the light-absorbing capabilities of certain light-absorbing proteins against damaging lights, or in cosmetic or beauty products. It is also a subject of a filed full patent.

3) Products that relate to detecting swine flu with novel antibodies of high specificity and stability. The antibodies have been tested in academic molecular biology labs in ELISA and strip formats.

4) Nanotechnology products that can be immediately applied to prevent citrus diseases on farms.

5) Enzymes as additives to animal feeds that help farm animals digest. The product is already being sold in certain regions.

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Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 Allele Mail Bag, Customer Feedback, Open Forum

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