Social Media for the Consumer

Business has become an ever changing, dynamic landscape where the power and information no longer lies strictly in the hands of “the right people.” In less than a decade Facebook has managed to link nearly a billion people from tech savvy teens to curious senior citizens. Similarly, Twitter sees over 340 million tweets that reaches over 500 million active users per day. Social media is a wide reaching technology with infinite possibilities that has been synthesized and is fueled by people, not corporations.

In a recent Industry report, 93% of businesses reported using social media as a marketing tool with the benefits being increased exposure and customer interaction (Stelzner, 2011). What does this study mean to consumers? Businesses are coming to you and responding to your feedback. Social media gives you, the consumer; back the power and the opportunity to benefit from your loyalty. Most businesses, from restaurants to labs, offer weekly tips or discounts on their services to the customers who “follow” or “like” them. Here at Allele Biotech, we have begun offering special weekly promotions, information about our products and interesting biotech news to our customers who either “follow” us on Twitter or “like” us on Facebook. For the entire month of August we are offering 15% off just for a “like” or “follow.” If you are one of the billion users, it doesn’t take much more than a click for instant rewards.

We recognize that the reason we create this technology and improve is because of the consumers. Allele Biotech would like to thank you for your loyalty and encourage you to remain active within our social media to push us forward and to help us continuously strive for more. With the creation and exponential popularity of social media, the power and information as become available to the most important people, the consumers.

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