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Allele Goes Green!

It’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon with Allele Biotech! We understand the great importance of maintaining the world that we live in, and are excited to participate in this global movement!

San Diego boasts one of the most dynamic biotechnology communities in the world. We’re a close-knit society, and by cooperating and networking with each other, we can make a noticeable difference in our industry. We at Allele are eager to begin working with our customers to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Read on for a few of the policies that we’re enacting to become more earth-friendly:

Allele uses recycled packaging whenever available. This means that foam boxes and dry ice that we receive are immediately stored for re-use. This cuts down on materials needed and, ultimately, our production costs. This helps to keep our prices low for you! We are also happy to collect used foam boxes and dry ice (and any other re-usable resource) that you may have in your lab, so feel free to leave them with us! Simply pass your re-useable materials to our delivery personnel, and we’ll make use of them – GUARANTEED!

Allele’s company delivery vehicle is a small, fuel-efficient car in order to minimize air pollution. We have worked to develop a meticulously planned delivery route to avoid unnecessary travel.

We plan to employ practices such as electronic invoicing and faxing in order to reduce the amount of paper that we use.

We have and will continue to participate in electronic advertising (for example, e-mail and banner ads) in order to minimize the amount of print advertising used. We have switched our printed advertisements from non-recyclable glossy paper to renewable cardstock.

We are currently researching local vendors to supply our office and laboratory needs, and are implementing recycling services for not only our San Diego branch, but surrounding businesses as well!

Due to our recent acquisition of Orbigen, Inc., we have combined resources and are consolidating workspaces to provide you with a larger product base while reducing the amount of energy used to maintain two operations facilities! In addition, we now have materials and equipment that we are now offered for sale at highly discounted prices – find them here.

Get involved! Allele Biotech is dependent and highly appreciative of our customer feedback. If there’s something you’d like us to work on in our quest to become environmentally friendly, let us know and we’ll put it into practice!

So remember, save money and our earth by buying local at Allele Biotech.

Together, we can create an earth-healthy biotechnology industry!

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