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Launch of Allele’s Newest Product Group: Special Chemicals

It has only 4 products now, will be a dozen soon, then a few hundreds to thousands in a few months if all goes well. If not, just the oligo chemicals available now should already provide tremendous value to oligo producers because iPCR, Real-time PCR are getting more and more used, requiring large number of probes with these modifications we products can do, but at previously unthinkable low prices. Read about it here.

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Swine Flu

Today the World Health Organization declared that the Swine Flu-(Influenza A(H1N1)- pandemic has reached 21 countries. The disease that is thought to have originated in Mexico has claimed 29 lives in the infection of 822 people in that country alone.

As San Diegans and as global citizens, Allele Biotech wishes to covey its sympathy to all people affected either directly or indirectly by this pandemic. As a company Allele Biotech is doing its part to help eradicate the existence of such an ominous virus that threatens people’s health and livelihoods. Recently Allele Biotech negotiated a deal with a distributor in Baja. The agreement that generated Allele Biotech De Mexico could not have come at a more fortuitous time. Our Baja researchers are feverishly working on this worldwide effort to elucidate, control, and prevent the A H1N1 that is currently affecting all of us.

Allele Biotech De Mexico is working in conjunction with Allele Biotech of San Diego to fight Swine Flu. On Friday, May 1, 2009 several researchers and technicians worked into the night on custom designed oligonucleotides that are being used right now to research this virus. We are thoroughly optimistic that this virus will soon be under control and we are honored we could help in this urgent endeavor.

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