Companies in Stem Cell Therapies

Geron, spinal cord injury

ViaCyte, diabetes, US$10.1 million from CIRM

Blubird Bio, beta-thalassemia, US$9.3 million from CIRM

StemCells, Alzheimer’s US$20 million from CIRM; spinal cord injury US$20 million from CIRM, stocks rise 148% this year.

Osiris, graft-vs.-host disease (GvHD) in children, approved by Canadian regulator Health Canada

Pluristem Therapeutics, aplastic bone marrow, IPO $30 million, shares up 44%.

Cardio3 BioSciences therapy, heart failure, Phase III in Belgium permitted.

TiGenix, cartilage repair in the knee, commercial production; autoimmune, Crohn’s disease Phase III; quarterly revenue up 152% as reported in Oct, 2012.

Advanced Cell Technology, degenerative eye condition, advancing clinical trials in the US and EU.

New Products to be released at next month’s ASCB annual conference in San Francisco: human mRNA-iPS cells, iPSCs with fluorescent markers, neural pregenitors derived from mRNA-iPSCs.

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