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Allele Biotech is 10 Years Old and Celebrating with FREE Oligos!

Allele Biotech is 10 years old!!!!!!! December 1999 was when Dr. Jiwu Wang and colleagues started this great company as a DNA oligo and siRNA service provider to the San Diego area. Since then he has fearlessly lead Allele into the forefront of the biotechnology industry with multiple RNAi patents, numerous NIH grants, revolutionary iPSC and fluorescent protein technologies, the acquisition of Orbigen, a continuously growing catalog of over 1000 molecular biology products and signature Allele Biotech Reagents, and a business culture that is approachable, encouraging, and reverential of research advancement through global communication and collaboration.

What a difference a decade makes. Today Allele Biotech is a top oligo service provider all around the country with customers in all of America’s major academic institutions. Currently, we are the sole oligo provider on the University of California San Diego’s central purchasing site, Marketplace; a collaboration designed to provide top quality oligonucleotides to UCSD research departments while saving them thousands of dollars annually. We now produce many of our own oligo synthesis and modification reagents, further cutting the costs to our valuable customers which enabled us to continue operations this last year without raising prices due to the worldwide acetonitrile shortage which more than quadrupled in cost! Allele Biotech has stood out over the years not only to our loyal customers but other oligo providers as well. Less than 5 years into our operation we were approached by one of the well known, top three, oligo providers in an attempt to buy us out! We resisted and are still here to proudly serve the research community with the Allele brand!

It all started with oligos…Now ten years later we want to honor our accomplishment by giving away a FREE month of oligos to one lucky customer! To enter you must be an Allele Biotech Facebook fan or friend. A winner will be randomly selected from our friends/fan pool on Sunday, February 14th, 1210 at noon. That lucky winner will receive FREE oligos for the month of March 2010! Limitations apply. Click here for terms and conditions.

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