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Feeder Cells for Stem Cells

Allele’s entire iPSC product line is designed for the ease of the researcher. Each component in our iPSC catalog will shave priceless time off your protocol by eliminating the tedious steps in iPS induction so you can get down to work.

Allele is adding a major component to its iPSC line: pre-irradiated, ready-to-use, system specific, bFGF-Producing Feeder Cells for iPSC propagation!

Using Allele’s bFGF-Producing Feeder Cells avoids the usual problems associated with MEF cell lines. They are maintained at low passages, come pre-irradiated and ectopically express bFGF so there is no need to supplement your medium with additional growth factors.

Additionally, Allele Biotech is introducing human fibroblasts to the market for iPSC work. MEF is good for mouse iPSC reprogramming but human fibroblast feeders are preferred when creating human iPSCs due to their secreted factors. Propagate human iPSC with greater efficiency while eliminating non-human cells for therapeutic use of human iPSCs!

As always we encourage customer feed back. We are interested to hear about your stem cell work, needs, and requests for new products. We also welcome those who have new ideas and potential products to collaborate with us. We are here to help advance your research and get your technologies to the public.

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