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Allele Biotech Spotlight Promo for ASCB Dec 09 Meeting!

This year our President and CEO, Dr. Jiwu Wang Ph.D., will be presenting at the American Society for Cell Biology meeting in San Diego, December 5th through 9th. Dr. Wang will be presenting results of two studies that involved the Allele Biotech Fluorescent Proteins and iPSC product lines:

Monomeric photoconvertable fluorescent protein variants produced by directed evolution for brightness and efficient photoconversion – a collaborative effort with the Campbell lab at the University of Alberta

Increased efficiency and speed of reprogramming of human cells into induced stem cells using high-titer lentiviral vectors encoding cell cycle progression and survival genes – a collaborative effort with the Chang lab at the University of Florida

In honor of this prestigious occasion Allele Biotech is having a Spotlight Promotion on all Fluorescent Protein and iPSC Products! The promotions, which will vary from product to product, will include 10% and 20% off price reductions, FREE shipping, and even “Buy 2 get one Free” deals!

Products eligible for the Spotlight Promotions begin with:

ABP-FP-____ Catalog

ABP-SC-____ Catalog

To qualify for these promotions you must be attending the ASCB meeting in San Diego and provide us with a copy of your registration form or be one of our loyal facebook, twitter, or myspace friends. Any questions can go to oligo@allelebiotech.com

Call for details and ask for info on the Spotlight Promotions! Offers good now through December, 9th 2009!

New Product of the Month 11/23-29/09: ThermoExp500 PCR machine (thermocycler) $4,250.00, with almost twice as fast temperature ramping as MJ’s TC1000, and more reliability.

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