Features of Allele’s Virus Packaging Services

High Titer
Allele Biotech’s HiTiter™ Viral Packaging Services, using proprietary technologies that are unique and highly efficient, can easily yield 10e8 to 10e9 TU/ml lentivirus/retrovirus without concentrating steps. With a concentration step 10e9 to 10e10 TU/ml can be achieved, which is ideal for in vivo research. It’s the world’s most powerful viral packaging platform.

Quick Turnaround
Allele Biotech has consolidated its procedure of HiTiter™ Viral Packaging Services as a standard production-line resulting in a quick turnaround. Typically, a standard 10e8 TU/ml 2ml packaging service is completed in one week and delivered in less than two weeks. You send us virus transfer plasmids, wait a week or two, and receive high titer ready-to-use virus. Imagine how our ingenuity and innovation can pave the way for your research!

Ideal for Complicated Constructs
Viral packaging, especially for complicated constructs, has been intrinsically difficult for most researchers. Now with Allele Biotech HiTiter™ Viral Packaging Services, you have an ideal option for packaging even the most demanding constructs! We have successfully developed the 4-In-1 iPSC Generation Lentivirus, expressing 4 genes (hOct3/4, hSox2, hKlf4 and hc-Myc) in one lentiviral construct, which has been very popular in the filed of stem cell research.

Fluorescent Proteins & Drug Resistance
Allele Biotech and our collaborators design, evolve, and select new FPs that suit different applications. These brighter fluorescent proteins, sometimes together with drug resistance genes, have been incorporated into our lentiviral/retroviral systems. When you order our viral packaging service, you will automatically receive a 20% discount for all our listed viral plasmids.

Full RNA Interference Services
We have RNAi lentiviral packaging services, RNAi validation services, and RNAi screening services, which can meet different demands in the filed of RNA Interference. The RNAi lentiviral packaging services include Gene-To-Silence™, Sequence-to-Virus™ and DNA-to-Virus™. The plasmids we use for these services have build-in FPs and drug resistance genes, convenient for virtually all research purposes.

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