Anti-GFP antibody choices

A variety of anti-GFP antibodies are now provided to fluorescent protein users. In addition to the monoclonal anti-GFP antibody that has been introduced together with the GFP-Trap product group, Allele Biotech also has a strong anti-GFP polyclonal product, and a new rat anti-GFP monoclonal antibody. The availability of these different species specificity should allow users to have options in staining, detection, co-IP, double-labeling, etc.

New Product of the Week 04-05-10 to 04-11-10: Rat anti-AvGFP antibody, ACT-CM-MRGFP10

Promotion of the Week 04-05-10 to 04-11-10: Buy any Allele Biotech/Orbigen’s polyclonal antibody, get another of equal or less value at 60% off (if you are not a fan or friend through Allele’s online social networks, the discount is 30%).

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