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Triple Labeled Oligos-Put Your Fluorescence in Perspective!

Allele is now distributing to its customers the newest technology in RT-PCR published less than two weeks ago. It is a RT PCR probe that utilizes fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and TaqMan methods in order to provide an internal positive control (IPC) for real-time PCR assays. This new RT-PCR method consists of forward and reverse primers, a regular TaqMan probe, and the new triple-labeled FRET-TaqMan Probe Probe affixed to a plasmid, which negates the uncertainty in the presence and effects of amplification inhibitors that could generate a false negative in your experiments. Two emission sources are all that are required for the FAM and Cy5.5 fluorescence signals at 530 nm and 705 nm respectively. You do not need color compensation software, multiple excitation sources, or even a high tech laser to initiate excitation with this system.

If your RT PCR instrument only has one light source to excite the fluorophore then the FRET-TaqMan method is the only way to exploit the IPC technology. Fortunately Allele Biotech is selling these triple-labeled probes at a great price! Put your fluorescence in perspective and know your true RT-PCR results with these Specialty Oligos from Allele Biotech!

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