DNA oligo

New Product for 1-18-10 to 1-24-10 High Throughput DNA Oligos!

Need a plate of high quality oligos fast and for a great price? Allele’s newest product can help…

Introducing High Throughput DNA Oligos!

Anywhere from 48 – 96 desalt oligos per plate

Oligos 20 – 50 bases long

Available in two synthesis scales:

25 nmol scale only 13 cents per base

50 nmol scale only 17 cents per base

Every oligo is strictly controlled for quality:

Oligo quality is verified using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry or Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry.

Shipped or hand delivered in 5 days!

Oligos can be provided normalized at a specific concentration with fixed or variable volumes. Concentration options depend on the oligo length, purification, and scale of synthesis being ordered.

No minimum number of plates per order required!

To order, simply email your oligo sequences and names, indicate 25 nmol or 50 nmol, concentration preference in excel or notepad format to oligo@allelebiotech.com A template will be posted online here soon, please check back.

Allele…Continuing to introduce cost efficiency to research!

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Economy and Your Research: Carpets and Oligos

Do you believe in six-degrees of separation? If you really don’t care how close you are related to Roger Tsien or Bill Gates or the dean of your graduate school, maybe you are still curious about how the economy downturn, oil production, and floor carpet production got to do with you–not just in the sense how the job market is shaping up, but also how your lab research budget and how your DNA oligos are served.

To illustrate how events far and away can influence your daily activities, just use oligos as an example. Starting in 2008 when the oil price was still near its peak (remember paying $4+/gallon?), it became too expensive for carpet producers to continue using petroleum for manufacturing carpets. They switched to some other source or halted business altogether. Side effect was production and supply of Acetonitrile (ACN) dried up. Yes, one of the most commonly used organic solvent is a by-product from making carpets. That, combined with facility shutdowns in Northern China in preparation of the summer Olympics (for clean air) and in Florida by a major hurricane, the price of 4 liters of Acetonitrile changed from ~$40 to about $400 plus lots of begging. This event alone pushed individual customer based (as compared to large scale or prefabricated) oligo businesses like Allele’s to be at a loss.

Eventually the situation changed, price went back to about $90/4L, but not before a long period when Acetonitrile was completely unavailable and alternative solvent had to be used. Long story short, that was some storm to whether! If you didn’t feel it in price or service from Allele Oligo, good, that means we did a fair job shielding the wind and shouldering the pressure from the collapsing roof.

Everything really is connected, sometimes by a few degrees less than you would imagine.

Allele’s mottos: care about the environment, help everybody whenever we can, do the right thing even when nobody is looking, have fun, and contribute to the good of mankind through science and innovation.

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