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Introducing EcoCulture Tissue Culture Plates

Allele Biotech is scoring one for the environment again. Our brand new EcoCulture Tissue Culture Dishes are designed with up to 40% less plastic than other brands, helping us attain our goal to minimize the menacing need for plastic consumables in the lab. Our high tech, environmentally friendly EcoCulture Dishes demonstrate much better imaging capabilities because of the thin lay of plastic at the bottom, and stronger physical strength even using only 60% plastic due to their patented design, aiding the environment by reducing energy consumption and decreasing the amount of plastic that will end up on our planet. An all inclusive environmental effort surrounds this brand new product line with our added commitment of donating 1% of profits from EcoCulture sales to an environmental aid organization (to be determined).

EcoCulture Dishes were a natural progression for Allele Biotech product design. For a long time our operations have included environmentally friendly endeavors; our recycling program which we conduct at a cost to us, our Box Swap program designed to reuse and reduce the need for Styrofoam, and our packaging methods that emphasize minimal use of materials as a long time company policy have all been executed in the interest of the environment. We have striven toward the belief that you do not have to sacrifice the planet in the name of research and the launch of our EcoCulture Dishes aims to spread our altruistic philosophies to our customers and partners in research!

Brochures and catalogue numbers of these products will become listed on our webpages shortly. Visit us often or follow us on Facebook, twitter, or myspace for updates on all our weekly promotions and new products of the week.

Promotion of the week: Falcon 96-well tissue culture grade plates giveaway–buy 1 bottle of our top quality FBS (validated for both mammalian and insect cells), receive 3 packages of 5×96 Falcon 3075 flat bottom tissue culture plates for free!

Promotion of the week 060710-06310: iPS factors with fluorescent protein tracers on ready-to-use high titer lentivirus, currently available-Oct3/4 with RFP and c-Myc with RFP, more to be added.

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Allele Biotech’s Box Swap Program

Allele Biotech has a special, money saving offer for you if are located in any of the following San Diego zip codes:


Allele Biotech’s Box Swap Program will give you cash or credit for good condition styrofoam boxes that are greater than 9 x 9 x 9 inches. Our goal is to help eliminate waste while saving you money by reusing your accumulating, unwanted styrofoam boxes. If you are located in any of the previously mentioned zip codes, give us a call and we will come to your facility at remove the unwanted boxes at no charge!

We are encouraging all types of companies to take part in this endeavor. If you are a biotech company or a loyal Allele customer you may redeem your syrofoam for credit that can be applied toward any Allele Biotech order. If you are a company that has no need for biological research reagents then you may redeem your boxes for cash!

Everyone wins with Allele’s Box Swap Program. So free up some space, eliminate waste, and earn money all with just one phone call! 858-587-6645

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Happy Earth Day from Allele Biotech

It is Earth Day today and Allele Biotech wants to contribute to this important occasion by reminding us all of the things we can do as bench biologists to save our planet everyday.

The first and easiest thing everyone can do is to turn off lights, lab equipment, and office electronics at the end of the day or when not in use. Leaving a computer on overnight to avoid the painful two minute booting in the morning can cost up to $80 extra dollars in energy per computer per year! We are all guilty of squandering our energy and this is the cheapest and easiest way to significantly cut waste. Additionally, Allele can help cut electrical energy costs in your lab by supplying our compact, low energy, low cost laboratory equipment.

Second, if you work in a San Diego laboratory you can help the environment by purchasing laboratory supplies from a local company like Allele Biotech! Enable Green Thinking in your laboratory by purchasing locally and reducing greenhouse gasses and fuel use that would otherwise be generated from ordering from distant companies. Allele Biotech has 1000’s of products to choose from at low costs.

Third way to better our Earth (Allele’s Favorite) is recycling. We always reuse what we can and recycle what we cannot. It has been our longtime policy to collect boxes from other companies for recycling or repackaging. If you are a San Diego company that has extra Styrofoam boxes we will gladly pick them up and even pay you cash to take them off your hands!

Fourth, and very important, is to eliminate biowaste. As bench biologists, we have the power to do this by discerning what we throw away in the lab trash, especially those labeled as biowaste, radioactive waste, or chemical waste. It is so easy to throw the gloves boxes, plastic drinking bottles, or packaging materials in with all the culture tubes or chemicals when you are busy. However, taking the time to put these trash items into their correct receptacles is invaluable and imperative for the preservation of our Earth.

Fifth and last, if you worked on projects related to “green energy” as Obama called for today, congratulations, you are already making a difference to our environment. Get that algae to churn out some biofuel, quick!

Click here for tips on how to eliminate energy waste and even make money while doing so!!

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Recycling in San Diego

Allele Biotech is proud to announce its dedication to recycling! It has been our longtime practice to reuse cardboard and styrofoam boxes, dry ice, and packaging insulation to minimize the waste generated in San Diego County. Not only are we committed to minimizing packaging waste but it is also a part of our weekly routine at Allele Biotech to transport all unusable cardboard, plastics, glass, and metal to the neighborhood recycling center. We take pride in maintaining Green business practices to better our environment and to help preserve our beautiful San Diego. We do not sell back these recyclables and happily absorb the cost of fuel and labor for transportation because we want to send the message that recycling is everyone’s responsibility.

We would enjoy getting other companies involved in reuse and recycling! If there are any companies in the local San Diego City area that would like to drop off styrofoam boxes or have any tips on how to improve local business recycling programs then we are eager to hear about it!

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