Allele’s Online Community

Allele Biotech’s participation in social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace has been successful over the past few months! We initiated contact with our customers via these websites not only to provide an easy way to let people know about our newest products and promotions but, most importantly, to ensure better customer service through an easily accessible forum for questions, comments, and yes, even criticisms. We are not like those other companies that are so large that your business and opinions do not matter to us. We at Allele Biotech need and appreciate our customers and reward your patronage and participation in these social networking forums with special promotions and customer service that really lets you know we value your online community membership. Your research goals are our research goals!

Several times a week our tweets will inform you about great deals like FREE SHIPPING on select products ordered within a specific time frame.

Our regular blogs found on all three of our sites are used to converse on a variety of topics from SBIR grants to fluorescent proteins to skin care!

On facebook and myspace you can submit technical questions on protocol or products and receive SAME DAY answers; you may also send comments and suggestions for improvement which will be seen by our head scientist and executives. Your opinion counts at Allele! We began this networking concept as not only a way to better reach our customers but, more importantly, as a way for them to better reach us.

Become a friend, fan, or follower to any one of the sites today and receive a $30 discount off your next order!

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More Open through Blog and Social Networking

People at Allele have realized the importance of staying open when it comes to interacting with our customers, colleagues, contributors, and friends. Therefore, we will continue to open up more channels through network places such as FaceBook, Twitter, professional social networks, Wiki, blogs on google, yahoo. The purpose is for people who wants to know what’s going on at Allele will know, so that lab people can find new products in new fields, convenient equipment of much much lower costs; companies can find sub-licensing or outsourcing chances they would otherwise know exist; and any researchers and business people to exchange ideas with us in any way.

Of course, we welcome you whole-heartedly to post and discuss scientific ideas right here in our Blog/Forums. Feel free to ask questions about science behind our products, process of product development, test-run your idea, or simply throw stuff from your scientific mind to our wall and see what sticks. As a matter of fact, we worked on a number of products on suggestions by our customers and scientist friends through discussions over a drink or during intermission of a game.

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